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October 2008
40th Anniversary
The 40th Anniversary of the founding of the Chapter was celebrated in October. The meeting began with the presentation of certificates from the Ichiyo School to Yukiko Marks and Kay Howard.
The members of the Chapter had brought plant material to create arrangements on the theme 'Celebration'. Mrs Janet Cottrell, a local potter, had brought a variety of pots which could be purchased and used for arrangements. Mrs Mary Wadsworth used a number of Janet's pots to share with the members some of her ideas on the theme of celebration.
The meeting concluded with wine and cake to celebrate the 40 years of the Chapter and the members toasted Mrs Mary Wadsworth and Mrs Dorothy Jones who are founder members of the Chapter.
Sogetsu School Workshop

Led by Margaret Dams

3 Nov 2015
Sogetsu 1  Sogetsu 2   
Sogetsu 3  Sogetsu 4